Jackpot! The 4 First Steps A New Lottery Winner Should Take

Have you won a big lottery sum? It's a life-changing event that few people will ever understand. But along with all the good it can bring -- stability, generosity, and family success -- there are also a lot of pitfalls. Avoiding tragedy and financial ruin begins before you even receive your winnings. Here are the four steps you should take from the beginning. 1. Hire Advisors Since most lottery winners are not professional money managers, it's vital for them to hire a team of those who are. [Read More]

2 Actions To Take When You Discover You've Won A State Lottery Prize

Winning any kind of prize is something that many people never have the chance to do. If you have recently discovered that you have won one of your state's lottery prizes, you are in rare company. However, roughly 70% of winners end up spending their money or losing it within five years. Here are some actions to take so that you avoid that fate. Avoid Telling Many People When you realize that you have a winning ticket, you may be tempted to tell everyone you know. [Read More]

Tips for Creating a Competitive Analysis before You Acquire a Business

If you're in the planning stages to acquire a new business for the first time, it's important to understand as much as you can about the company's current market and viability. To get a clear picture of those things, you need a complete competitive analysis. These reports give you a comprehensive look not only at the company's consumer market, but also the competition and growth potential. Most software made for merger and acquisition management includes support for building an analysis like this, but here is an overview of the basic components to help you understand its structure. [Read More]

Alternative Investing: A Smart Way To Yield Big Returns

If you're interested in investing in order to enjoy high returns but high-risk has you feeling hesitant, then you should be aware that there is a better way. By opting for alternative investing, it is possible to yield big returns with a low risk. If you aren't familiar with alternative investing, then here is some basic information to get you started: What is alternative investing?  This type of investing involves hedge funds, real estate, commodities, and some others. [Read More]